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Diane Musselman

Diane is an actor, writer, and producer with a passion to create and collaborate on unique projects which promote women and diversity in film.

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Consider the negative feedback, too

“I’m grateful to the people in my life who provide positive feedback, but are also not afraid to deliver constructive critiques. Getting negative feedback is never fun, but it is important. I’m learning to listen to feedback and discern what is helpful, and what to ignore.”–Diane Musselman

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"how to overcome your fear of writing"

The producer is the glue that guides all of the moving parts of a production

A producer’s role starts with finding, buying, and developing an original or adapted screenplay. Once the project is found, a producer is involved in securing financing, finding distribution, the hiring of the director and screenwriter(s), the daily operations of production, and management of postproduction...

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An SLP’s film-festival-worthy movie about a young stroke survivor takes her along new career paths.

Musselman chose to write about a young stroke survivor because, in her experience, most support groups and resources reach out to older patients. She wanted to tell the story of a younger person dealing with issues beyond physical rehabilitation. In the film—as is typical in real life with Musselman’s clients—...

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"The Long and Short of Stroke"

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